Visual and mental observations abroad. (Our own photos and silly thoughts)

Strolling through Oxford is truly like walking through 16th century England. The 38 different schools that make up Oxford University each have their own architectural charm and personality. We found that autumn is an especially beautiful time to visit, with the foliage and ivy providing bursts of color against the tea-stain sandstone. What an enchanting and inspiring place to be.

Serenity. #Brighton  #brightonpier  #england #coffee #icedcoffee #ocean #beach #britain #greatbritain #livinginengland #serenity

Serenity. #Brighton #brightonpier #england #coffee #icedcoffee #ocean #beach #britain #greatbritain #livinginengland #serenity

Closed Bridge Triptych

Remnants of a Tube Station Wall

Remnants of a Tube Station Wall

iPhone 5 f/2.4 1/20th 4mm

Join us for an autumnal stroll through the medieval forest of Highgate Wood and Waterlow Park…

I made a visit to my favorite museum, the Victoria and Albert.  It’s the world’s greatest museum of art and design, with extensive collections of art made of every material and type of design imaginable.

Here’s a bit of wisdom for you:  When everyone else is running around trying to get their pot of gold, take some time to look up and enjoy the world; sometimes there’s a rainbow right above you.

The Milan Cathedral or “Duomo” is one of the most spectacular architectural achievements in the world.  The best part is climbing up to the roof and looking over all of Milan.

Milano! —Home to one of the world’s oldest and most elegant shopping malls, a giant outdoor pedaled piano, fascinating statues, architecture and even a canal designed by DaVinci!

Here in Sirmione, Italy, everything is beautiful: the homes, the flowers, the food, the gelato, the people, the castle, the port, the swans, the beach, the boats.  And in case that wasn’t enough, they have fireworks too!