Visual and mental observations abroad. (Our own photos and silly thoughts)

Zombies Among Us

Brompton Cemetery Part 2:  Here are some more striking images from my recent visit to the Victorian era Brompton Cemetery in London.

Brompton Cemetery Part 1: These are some striking images that caught my eye while touring the Victorian era Brompton Cemetery in London. Some of the highest quality sculpture can be found in cemeteries, especially old ones. At times the figures seem to have a life (or death) of their own…

I give you Windsor Castle, personal residence of the Queen and royal family. I was lucky enough to gain access to the Round Tower, which was closed to the public until recently. Windsor is the largest inhabited castle in the world and the longest occupied palace in Europe, over a thousand years. The size of the grounds, rose garden and many buildings makes it feel like you’re inside a medieval village rather than a residence. In fact, many of the royal staff do live right inside the castle walls.

The approach to St. Paul’s Cathedral via Millenium Bridge is unforgettable and something everyone should do at least once. The climb to the top of the dome is exhilarating and exhausting but the views are spectacular.

Here’s my spread on the stunning St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  Photography is strictly prohibited inside, but the camera gods were shining on me that day and I didn’t get caught.  This is where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married.

London is a diverse city in so many ways: people, history, architecture, fashion, art…Here are some examples I found in a single afternoon out exploring.

Halt!  Announce yourself!  Ye wish to enter Harlech Castle?  Prepare thee for a feast of the eyes…

My favorite castle ruins tend to be the ones off the beaten path, harder to find, with no tourists or costumed characters prancing around.  Sometimes they’re smaller then they’re larger more famous brethren, but that’s what gives them their charm, character and sense of intrigue.  Criccieth Castle is a mere shell of what it once was, but put your ear to it and you can still hear the mighty ocean of battle and rebellion that ripped through its mighty walls.

Caernarfon Castle, the big boy of all the Welsh castles.  Built in 1283, it was the seat of government in north Wales for King Edward 1.  Have fun stormin’ the castle!